{RECIPE} Olive, Goat Cheese & Bacon Pasta

In the times of convenience food, carry out, glutamate, flavor enhancers, additives and so on, it almost seems as if we had lost our sense of taste. We overpower it with artificial flavors every day and have almost forgotten how to taste simple and natural things. Hence I like cooking with simple staple ingredients, the fewer, the better, like that you can taste the texture and complexity of each ingredient.
Also, in this summer heat, I don’t really want to spend too much time in a hot and steamy kitchen, I do love cooking, but sometimes it has to be simple, quick and easy.

Pasta is one of these things – the simpler the better – this recipe only calls for 7 ingredients, 5 of which are staples in each kitchen AND it only takes about 12 minutes to cook…

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Pasta mit cremiger Zitronen-Spinat-Sauce


Also eines geht immer und das ist Pasta, schnell, einfach, vielfältig, Pasta wird einfach nicht langweilig.

Heute habe ich ein Rezept für herrlich erfrischende Zitronen-Spinat Pasta mit Schweinefilet und Sahne, für all die, denen immer nur Tomatensauce zu langweilig ist. Dieses leichte, einfach gemachte Dinner bringt den Sommer den Tisch, denn es ist erfrischend zitronig und gleichzeitig herrlich cremig.

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