Makeup #7 – Soft Brown

I haven’t posted a makeup in forever. I think it’s been a year or so, maybe even more. However long it’s been, it’s been too long. Ridiculously long.

The thing is, I’ve been going through a really rough patch mentally, I’ve been down a lot, depressed and unmotivated, always tired, scared to death of nothing and anxiety riddled. Some of you might know what I’m talking about. It’s not been pretty.

One of the things that accompanied this ugly phase of mine was the fact that I didn’t feel like doing my makeup. TBH, I struggled to shower at some times. And for the life of me, I couldn’t bring myself to pick up a makeup brush.

And then there was this other thing – self loathing and perfectionism. Nothing I did was good enough, not my makeups, not my pictures, not my writing, just nothing.

The fact that my apartment is rather dim, which shows especially in winter, and I struggled with my photo lighting didn’t help any. It’s not like I hadn’t tried, but I soon learned that if I wanted to take proper pictures, I needed to take them outside. And it’s not like the prospect of sitting outside in freezing temperatures, trying to take makeup pictures was an extremely motivating thought…

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Makeup #6 – light summer look

You can tell my emotional state very well by looking at what I upload – when I am not feeling good and not doing good, when I am going through another bout of depression or anxiety, I won’t do any makeup or beauty related stuff and you won’t find any makeup or fashion posts on the blog, either.
When I feel well, on the other hand, I dive right in, do makeups, outfits and post a lot related to these topics, too.
You may have noticed that there weren’t any makeup posts or anything in that area on the blog for a while, I wasn’t doing too well, I was depressed and anxiety levels were high for a few months. This is finally changing, I am feeling a lot better and doing makeup again, now, that I feel relaxed enough to dabble in eyeshadows and lipsticks and such. 

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{MAKEUP} Fall Trend Colors 2017

For the longest time, I wasn’t myself, I was unmotivated and it was impossible for me to get anything done, be it doing something for myself or the blog. I was tired and exhausted all the time, a little scared and panicked and slightly negative, everything seemed dark and heavy.
This went on for months on end, I couldn’t find joy in makeup or fashion or blogging, all the things I had loved and enjoyed so much for so long.

In the past few days, something had happened, something had changed. I was happy, full of energy, motivation and endless restlessness, the days were filled with activity and inspiration, so much, that I am overflowing with it. I filled pages and pages with things I have in my mind, I took pictures, did swatches, am preparing reviews and so much more.
I even did a fall makeup for a blogger linkup with some other beauty bloggers, can you believe it.
I am a little rusty, but I hope that I will get more practice again now.

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Makeup #3 – 80ies Paradise

So langsam aber sicher wird es Frühling, es wird immer wärmer, wenn ich KJ Morgens zum Schulbus bringe, müssen wir nicht mehr die dicken Jacken anziehen, die Tage werden länger… Da steht einem der Sinn doch nach Farbe, der Winter war lang genug und trist genug.
Deswegen heute ein buntes, buntes, sehr buntes Frühlings- oder Paradise Makeup. Wenn bunt, dann richtig!

Pink, Lila und Türkis, je bunter, desto besser. Die Lippen habe ich passend in einem knalligen Pink gehalten, das harmonierte meiner Meinung nach besser als Nude und balancierte das starke Augenmakeup etwas aus.

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Makeup #2 – Cut Crease in Rot und Gold

Ich habe mich mal an einem Cut Crease Makeup versucht.
Versucht, ne… Versuch macht klug.

Und frustriert manchmal auch, ich erinnere mich noch an das erste Mal, als ich das Konturieren ausprobiert habe oder eben mein erster Versuch der Cut Crease. Beides verlief tendenziell demoralisierend bezüglich weiterer annäherungsversuche mit diesen Techniken. Aber man darf nicht aufgeben, was Makeup angeht, ist ganz Vieles schlicht und einfach pure Übung. So auch bei der Cut Crease, sie ist noch nicht perfekt, wird aber langsam.

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