Outfit # 8 – I am an awkward social potato

“I wish I had your self confidence, your self-love.” 

Words I often hear, and inside of me a little, tiny voice whispers “I do, too…” 

As weird as t might seem as a blogger, my confidence level often is low – I can be a drama queen and sometimes I do bathe in attention (all bloggers do somewhat, if we didn’t we would simply write a diary and not even bother putting our stuff out there in public) but most of the time I am rather shy, kept to myself and a socially awkward potato… 

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Outfit #5 – On to new beginnings and adventures

What do you do when the whole world seems to try to stop your plans, when nothing seems to want to go right or your way? What do you do when all your planning, hoping, thinking, overplanning and overworrying still is not enough, because basically ALL THE THINGS that are not in your power do go in the opposite way that you need them to. When it seems like all doors you try to open are locked or have been locked, even when you were so deeply hoping they were still open? They say, when one door shuts, a window or another door will open, you just have to look around. But what if you don’t see any openings, because your mind was so filled with what you wanted to see and gloryfications and glossed over memories, clouded with disappointment and rigid resistance?

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Outfit #3 – Früher war Alles Besser

“Früher war Alles besser!”
“Früher haben wir auch… und wir leben auch noch!”
Sätze, die mich ankotzen, mich leicht wütend werden lassen, über solch simplistische Naivität, Sätze, die mich schlicht und einfach nur noch nerven, die aber andauernd immer wieder auf einen einprallen.

Woher kommt eigentlich diese naive Melancholie nach der Vergangenheit, die verklärte Ansicht, dass früher in der Tat das Leben besser, einfacher und generell viel toller und sowieso war?
Denn ganz faktisch betrachtet, so hübsch Möbel oder auch die Mode aus den 20ern anzusehen sind, so wunderbar faszinierend und dekorativ und wunderhübsch Vintage auch sein mag, um Nichts auf der Welt würde ich in der Vergangenheit, dem sogenannten Früher, zu dem Alle referieren scheinen, leben wollen.

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