Makeup #7 – Soft Brown

I haven’t posted a makeup in forever. I think it’s been a year or so, maybe even more. However long it’s been, it’s been too long. Ridiculously long.

The thing is, I’ve been going through a really rough patch mentally, I’ve been down a lot, depressed and unmotivated, always tired, scared to death of nothing and anxiety riddled. Some of you might know what I’m talking about. It’s not been pretty.

One of the things that accompanied this ugly phase of mine was the fact that I didn’t feel like doing my makeup. TBH, I struggled to shower at some times. And for the life of me, I couldn’t bring myself to pick up a makeup brush.

And then there was this other thing – self loathing and perfectionism. Nothing I did was good enough, not my makeups, not my pictures, not my writing, just nothing.

The fact that my apartment is rather dim, which shows especially in winter, and I struggled with my photo lighting didn’t help any. It’s not like I hadn’t tried, but I soon learned that if I wanted to take proper pictures, I needed to take them outside. And it’s not like the prospect of sitting outside in freezing temperatures, trying to take makeup pictures was an extremely motivating thought…

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Disney Villains SOHO Brush Sets – Ursula, Evil Queen & Maleficent – REVIEW

Disney and makeup is my weakness. Hubby knows that, too.

Every time we pass a Walgreens, I insist on checking inside really quick, there might be a new Disney Limited Edition. 

And whenever hubby passes a Walgreens, he stops, walks in and checks for me, too. 

And if they DO have something, he usually gets it for me – like those wonderful Disney Villains Limited Edition Brush sets by SOHO.

Unfortunately, sometimes we miss a launch and they sell out at the store. In cases like this, thank God for amazon! 

And here they are! 

They are sooo pretty, aren’t they? 

Let’s have a closer look… 

So these Disney limited editions usually come out every 3 – 4 months, they can be found at your local Walgreens – mostly they are a collaboration between elf and Disney or Disney and Walgreens, Ardelle Lashes and Orly nail polish and sometimes some other things. Mostly these LEs consist of a beauty book, eyeshadow palette, a blush or bronzer, lip products, fake lashes, nail varnishes, hair stuff, accessories and beauty bags and so on. Usually, I am only interested in the beauty books and the eyeshadow palettes and sometimes a blush or bronzer. All the other stuff is usually not really interesting, not collectible or I wouldn’t use it, so I don’t get them – I don’t want stuff in my collection that I don’t really like or use, so I stick to the beauty books, which are super pretty and useful and highly collectible and little special things here and there. 

Summer Beauty Rituals you should keep up in winter

The color changing of the leaves and rustling underneath our feet as we take our steps through the cold breezes sweeping over us, the holiday decoration that is popping up everywhere, the first frost sugar coating the landscape and last flowers – there is no more denying it, winter is upon us, approaching quickly and inevitably. 

As the seasons change, so do our beauty habits and routines. Some new steps are being included into the routine and some are being let go until next summer. before you retire a beauty routine or product watch out – it might be an essential step that will benefit you yearlong. 

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Beauty Haul #2 – Neutrogena Skin Care

I actually only wanted to get a backup for my Neutrogena Hydro Boost Cream, which I’ve been using for a few weeks now and that is getting near empty. I like the cream a lot, it works perfectly well for my skin, it is soft and supple and I am not in the mood to browse for anything new, so it was supposed to be a quick grab’n’go at the store. 

You probably know this scenario, where you have a list and you are so determined to stick to that damned list, so you even made a plan in your head where to go in the store. It’s like a battle plan, carefully crafted as so to not fall victim to your enemy and buy something that’s NOT on the list… 

Enter the store, don’t look left, ignore the cosmetics, IGNORE THE COSMETICS! Past the candles, don’t you sniff them, you know you will buy one! Right by the toy section – the kids don’t need anything, they have enough, you’re here for NAPKINS! 

In the end, you leave the store with 2 books for the kiddo, 3 scented candles – the fall collection is out – and 2 lipsticks. And without napkins. 

This is kinda what happened to me the other day. I only needed cream, I only wanted to get a backup for my Hydro Boost Gel Cream. I never thought it would end this way… 

Uhm, well, it didn’t really go as planned. I kinda somehow ended up with more than just the cream. I ended up with almost the whole product range.

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{MAKEUP} Fall Trend Colors 2017

For the longest time, I wasn’t myself, I was unmotivated and it was impossible for me to get anything done, be it doing something for myself or the blog. I was tired and exhausted all the time, a little scared and panicked and slightly negative, everything seemed dark and heavy.
This went on for months on end, I couldn’t find joy in makeup or fashion or blogging, all the things I had loved and enjoyed so much for so long.

In the past few days, something had happened, something had changed. I was happy, full of energy, motivation and endless restlessness, the days were filled with activity and inspiration, so much, that I am overflowing with it. I filled pages and pages with things I have in my mind, I took pictures, did swatches, am preparing reviews and so much more.
I even did a fall makeup for a blogger linkup with some other beauty bloggers, can you believe it.
I am a little rusty, but I hope that I will get more practice again now.

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