Outfit # 8 – I am an awkward social potato

“I wish I had your self confidence, your self-love.” 

Words I often hear, and inside of me a little, tiny voice whispers “I do, too…” 

As weird as t might seem as a blogger, my confidence level often is low – I can be a drama queen and sometimes I do bathe in attention (all bloggers do somewhat, if we didn’t we would simply write a diary and not even bother putting our stuff out there in public) but most of the time I am rather shy, kept to myself and a socially awkward potato… 

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Outfit #7 – Summer, Summer, Summertime

Summer is nearing its end, it has been an almost vicious, hellishly hot summer this year and I have to admit that I am more than ready to slip into fall. When it is so very hot, I don’t enjoy makeup nor fashion, I just wanna lay in a corner and melt. I bet, I am not the only one who was feeling this way when the temperatures climbed to numbers that would put hell and the Sahara desert to shame. 

Thankfully, it is getting a bit cooler, like summer was just waiting for the new school year to start and that means, I can dress up and make up a little again, without the dangers of it being all washed away by sweat (and tears over the heat). 

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Outfit #6 – Recycling, but differently

Some of my readers and followers who have been following me for more than two years may still remember my old blog HateMeOrLoveMe. I shut it down after over 6 years of blogging, since I felt like I had outgrown it, I wanted to blog more professionally, finally host it myself and also talk about different topics.

Sometimes I still go back and read old posts, partly for sentimental reasons, partly for inspiration. I stumbled upon a few old outfit posts and got to thinking – I felt kinda sad that so much work that went into these posts – makeup, outfit, going round the city to find a proper shooting location, the outfit shooting itself, sorting and editing the pictures and so on – was, in the end, for basically nothing. The pictures remain unseen, unpublished, in the dark of my private memories of my old blog.

And then another thought arose – was I “allowed” to recycle these pictures?

Was that ok for a blogger to do?

Or was I obligated to always bring out the newest, latest content?

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Outfit #5 – On to new beginnings and adventures

What do you do when the whole world seems to try to stop your plans, when nothing seems to want to go right or your way? What do you do when all your planning, hoping, thinking, overplanning and overworrying still is not enough, because basically ALL THE THINGS that are not in your power do go in the opposite way that you need them to. When it seems like all doors you try to open are locked or have been locked, even when you were so deeply hoping they were still open? They say, when one door shuts, a window or another door will open, you just have to look around. But what if you don’t see any openings, because your mind was so filled with what you wanted to see and gloryfications and glossed over memories, clouded with disappointment and rigid resistance?

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Outfit # 4 – Afrotatscher

Wir sind im Supermarkt, Khaleesy hilft mir gerade dabei, Obst auszusuchen, auf einmal nähert sich eine Dame, legt den Kopf schief und schaut meine Kleine an: “Oh, wie süss und diese Locken, diese Haare, herrlich, die schauen so weich aus….” Und bevor ich es registriere und verhindern kann, streckt ebendiese Dame die Hand aus, Richtung Lockenschopf meines Kindes.

Ein entschuldigender Blick in meine Richtung, als mein ungläubiger und wohl leicht wütender Blick registriert wird – auch wenn ich mittlerweile meine Zunge doch ganz gut im Griff habe, meine Gesichtszüge leider noch nicht so – “Oh, ich war nur neugierig, wie sich die Haare wohl anfühlen, wirklich zu süss, so ein wundervoller Lockenschopf…”

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