Disney Villains SOHO Brush Sets – Ursula, Evil Queen & Maleficent – REVIEW

Disney and makeup is my weakness. Hubby knows that, too.

Every time we pass a Walgreens, I insist on checking inside really quick, there might be a new Disney Limited Edition. 

And whenever hubby passes a Walgreens, he stops, walks in and checks for me, too. 

And if they DO have something, he usually gets it for me – like those wonderful Disney Villains Limited Edition Brush sets by SOHO.

Unfortunately, sometimes we miss a launch and they sell out at the store. In cases like this, thank God for amazon! 

And here they are! 

They are sooo pretty, aren’t they? 

Let’s have a closer look… 

So these Disney limited editions usually come out every 3 – 4 months, they can be found at your local Walgreens – mostly they are a collaboration between elf and Disney or Disney and Walgreens, Ardelle Lashes and Orly nail polish and sometimes some other things. Mostly these LEs consist of a beauty book, eyeshadow palette, a blush or bronzer, lip products, fake lashes, nail varnishes, hair stuff, accessories and beauty bags and so on. Usually, I am only interested in the beauty books and the eyeshadow palettes and sometimes a blush or bronzer. All the other stuff is usually not really interesting, not collectible or I wouldn’t use it, so I don’t get them – I don’t want stuff in my collection that I don’t really like or use, so I stick to the beauty books, which are super pretty and useful and highly collectible and little special things here and there. 

Outfit #6 – Recycling, but differently

Some of my readers and followers who have been following me for more than two years may still remember my old blog HateMeOrLoveMe. I shut it down after over 6 years of blogging, since I felt like I had outgrown it, I wanted to blog more professionally, finally host it myself and also talk about different topics.

Sometimes I still go back and read old posts, partly for sentimental reasons, partly for inspiration. I stumbled upon a few old outfit posts and got to thinking – I felt kinda sad that so much work that went into these posts – makeup, outfit, going round the city to find a proper shooting location, the outfit shooting itself, sorting and editing the pictures and so on – was, in the end, for basically nothing. The pictures remain unseen, unpublished, in the dark of my private memories of my old blog.

And then another thought arose – was I “allowed” to recycle these pictures?

Was that ok for a blogger to do?

Or was I obligated to always bring out the newest, latest content?

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1000 questions to ask yourself – part 1

The German magazine FLOW recently brought out a booklet with 1000 questions to ask yourself and it quickly got picked up by bloggers and swept the German blogosphere. I, too, was intrigued and quickly jumped on the bandwagon. Ok, not sooo quickly, it took me a minute, but here I am, starting to answer 1000 questions to ask myself – for you.
How better to get to know someone, yourself, or a blogger, in this case, ME, as to ask 1000 questions – and get the answers? So let’s go! 

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Bullet Journal June 2018 – TROPICAL – Spreads & Tutorials

I’ve been a little planner and list fanatic since I can remember – I’ve been journaling since I can remember as well. 

Unfortunately, most planners that you can buy turned out to be insufficient – there was not enough space or it was lacking space or simply didn’t cater to my needs. I soon started adding my own spreads to store-bought planners and journals and customizing them. When the bullet journal trend erupted,  naturally, I was intrigued and utilized these possibilities quickly. For the longest time, I didn’t really do much with it, I went about it the most pragmatic way possible, printed out trackers and spreads that I needed and added them to my normal journal. It was far from pretty or artsy, but very useful. After doing that for a few months and years, I learned which spreads and trackers I really utilize and need and which are not for me. I was ready for the next step. 

Hubby was so nice and bought me my first “real” bullet journal and I started to draw spreads, trackers etc. myself instead of printing them out and started decorating and drawing, too. 

Today, I want to show you my first “real” monthly overview and spreads that I did. 

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Makeup #6 – light summer look

You can tell my emotional state very well by looking at what I upload – when I am not feeling good and not doing good, when I am going through another bout of depression or anxiety, I won’t do any makeup or beauty related stuff and you won’t find any makeup or fashion posts on the blog, either.
When I feel well, on the other hand, I dive right in, do makeups, outfits and post a lot related to these topics, too.
You may have noticed that there weren’t any makeup posts or anything in that area on the blog for a while, I wasn’t doing too well, I was depressed and anxiety levels were high for a few months. This is finally changing, I am feeling a lot better and doing makeup again, now, that I feel relaxed enough to dabble in eyeshadows and lipsticks and such. 

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