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Bullet Journal Haul – new journal, washi, stickers & more

I’ve been into bullet journaling for quite a while now, but so far, I’ve kept it rather simple and easy. Recently I started enjoying incorporating some art into my journal, like I showed you in July, September, October and November on the blog.

It happens so that my old journal is getting full just perfectly in time for the new year. That also means, I need a new journal.

This time I wanted a slightly bigger one than the last one, though. My old one is pocket book sized and I would prefer something slightly bigger, but not too big. You know how it is…

I remembered that I saw dot grid journals in exactly the size I wanted at Walmart, but when I checked in the stationary section, there were only the small ones. We went to the one a town over and I was lucky enough to find what I was looking for there.

Perfectly sized, a decent amount of pages, flexible cover and it has a little document pouch in the back. Just what I was looking for and wanted.


And well, since I already was at Walmart it wouldn’t hurt if I looked around a little more. It always starts with “Let me just look around” and ends with a cart full of stuff.

I found some decently priced fineliners by Pen&Gear which wouldn’t bust my wallet and they are amazing. They remind me of the Stabilo fineliners I had as a kid and teenager, but they are not really known over here in the US, whilst they are a staple for every teen at school in Germany. So I am very happy to have found a decent substitute, even though there are not many colors.

And did you guys know that Walmart has washi tapes real cheap? And they are super cute, too. I got a 5 pack for 88 Cents, you can’t beat that.

Also for 88 cents, I got some stickers, there were 4 sheets in the pack and they might come in handy in the journal.

Then I got a set of metallic markers, also by Pen&Gear, which work perfect and which I used in my November spread in my old bujo.

Last but not least, some basics like stencils, a compass, glue sticks etc.

I had some of these things at home already, but KJ was also using them and I was always hunting stuff down, so I just got some more.

That was it.

Are you a stationary addict, too?

If you shop at Walmart, where can’t you stop?

Bullet Journal Accessories Haul


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