Bullet Journal October – We All Float Down Here – IT Pennywise Inspired


October is over and I still haven’t shown you guys my bullet journal spread for the month, so it’s about time! 
This month’s spread is a little spooky because, well, Halloween and what is more spooky than creepy clowns, especially Pennywise from IT? 
I personally don’t like clowns, never have, way before I ever watched the movies or read the book, I just always found them a little disturbing and they always weirded me out. IT is one of my favorite movies, an ever after classic, no matter if you watch the original or the remake, both are rather outstanding pieces of horror history. 
I opted for an IT inspired spread also because I had a bunch of ideas in mind immediately, so creating this month’s bullet journal spreads was easy-peasy and a total blast. 

There are tons of red balloons and paper boats and I even incorporated some of my Pennywise inspired mini watercolor paintings, as well as played with some black backgrounds for the first time. 
I used Prismacolor Scholar and Prismacolor Premier pencils which are super smooth, blend perfectly and even show on dark paper. Sadly, I am almost out, but hey, Christmas is nearing… 
There are lots of red balloons and paper boats throughout the spreads, I also incorporated a few mini watercolor paintings I did. 

How do you like the spread? 
Did you like the movies as much as I did? 
Which one is your favorite – original or remake? 

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