Bullet Journal March – Floral Greenery


After being pretty sick for quite a while, almost made it to the hospital, too, I am finally starting to feel better and also more motivated to work on my blog again. 
Today, I want to show you my bullet journal spread for March, which is super green and colorful in honor of spring that is just around the corner. 
I’ve always liked to color and draw when I was little and a teenager, but when I moved out from home, that hobby slowly descended out of sight and action when real life and its responsibilities took over. But I am trying to pick it back up, since I always loved it and since it has some kind of almost therapeutic, calming effect on me, plus, I simply love to be creative. I’ve always wanted to try watercolors and when hubby brought me a starter set the other day, there was no holding me back. I did my first baby steps with watercolors and fell in love immediately. This is a medium I will stick with for sure, it is so much fun and even though I am just a beginner and only learning, I felt right at home. 

I quickly discovered that the pages in my bullet journal weren’t thick enough for me to use watercolors right in it, so I decided to work around that little obstacle by creating my designs onto watercolor paper, which I would later integrate into my bullet journal. 
The pages are kept very minimalistic and practical, which I prefer anyway, so this is a great way to integrate some art into my bullet journal. 
This month’s theme is spring, so I used a lot of green and added some floral accents. Some color is much needed after the winter anyway and looking at this spread puts me in a good mood. It’s fresh and happy. 
I created a simple cover page for March, the leafy pattern is used throughout the month. 
My monthly overview is kept very simple as well, very minimal, with a little space for my overall goals for the month. 
Next there is space for my March memories, where I added my first flip open cover page. 
Then, my mood and blog tracker. They are kept in the same style as the cover page and as the month progresses, I will add flowers in the corresponding colors. At the end of the month, I should be looking at a blooming flower garden as my trackers. 
This version is a little different than my usual trackers but it gives me the option to track more than one mood for the day, which is perfect for me, since I can go through a bunch of emotions during a single day due to my borderline, so this will help me track them a little more detailed. 
After that I have a page for to dos for the month and a page to collect any random ideas that come to my mind. The pages are separated by a watercolor insert. 
Last but not least, my weekly overview pages, which are usually all kept in the same style, very simple and without much detail, since I like to keep these pages clean for better overview. Each week has a flip open cover page with green leaves on one side and green leaves with flowers on the other, which is a reminder that everything is getting green and starts to bloom this month. 
It was my very first time working with watercolors, but definitely not the last. 
It was tons of fun and I think that I will use this kind of bullet journal decoration more often, I really do like the concept of the cover pages and flip pages. 

How do you like my bullet journal spread for March? 
Are you an art lover, too, and if so, which medium do you like to use most and which one would you love to try? 
Feel free to leave me a comment, I am happy to hear from you. 
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