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Bullet Journal Spread February – Valentine’s Day and pink hearts

I didn’t take a break from bullet journaling, but I didn’t do any artsy spreads and such recently. In the past few weeks I felt a surge of energy and inspiration go through me and I doodled, colored and sketched a lot and felt like journaling properly again, so I sat down and worked on a proper spread for February.

Since Valentine’s Day is coming up, I went with the first theme idea that popped in my mind, which was pink and hearts. So pink hearts was the theme for this February – even though we don’t even celebrate Valentine’s Day, but it was a little too late to do a black history themed spread (which I am keeping in mind for next year).


For the February title page I tried doing some kind of collage that also incorporated some of my random sketches and doodles that happen on anything that can be drawn on – in this case a tea bag as well as a cardboard box piece that originally contained peppermint tea.

The little cardboard picture flap functions like a little wannabe dutch door.

The monthly overview page is kept simple with little details and in pink – it contains a February overview, a spot for goals for the month, to dos and even a little tiny habit tracker.

Next, my mood tracker and my blog views tracker – both are pretty much staples in my monthly spreads, I like to keep track of my blog views and I NEED to keep track of my mood an behavior, it helps me find connections and correlations to certain stuff happening, to stress etc. and helps me identify depressive phases and such.

Then there’s a double page reserved for goals, ideas and memories.

And last but not least, the weekly spreads – they are all kept in pink and are all heart themed.

There is space for goals and general to dos as well as blog stuff that I need for that week.

That was my February bullet journal spread for February.

Are you bullet journal fans, too?

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