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1000 Questions to Ask Yourself #4 (31-40) – about books, church and my favorite stores


I started the 1000 questions to ask yourself project beginning of 2018 and got 30 questions in. The most successful thing I did in the past year was procrastination. Like next level procrastination…
But I’m tired of it, it’s about to change and how to better change this, than to get something done and do another 1000 questions post and continue the blog series? 
Grab a cup of coffee or tea and let’s get ready to answer some questions! 


31 – Which book did you read last? 

We take the kids to the library regularly, pretty much every Sunday. Our library has an excellent inventory and gets new books every other week, they have exhibitions and interactive displays, a play area and much more. The kids and I spend a few hours there whenever we go, we play, explore, look at the exhibitions, return our old books and select and check out new ones. 
We were there just last Sunday, we had to return some books that we had borrowed and read. These are also the last books I read, apart from the ones I am currently reading. 
Among the books were, for the kids
  • Power to the Princess (a modern, inclusive take on old fairy tales) by Vita Murrow and Julia Bereciarty 
  • The Wish Fairy 
  • The Critter Club – Marion Takes a Break 
  • Candy Fairies 
and for me
  • IT by Stephen King 
  • Out by Natsuo Kirino
I am currently also working on a book post in which I will review the books and tell you a little more about them. It should be online in the next few days, so keep an eye out for and don’t forget to subscribe, so you don’t miss it. 

32 – Why do you have your current hair style? 

A mix between pure laziness and endless procrastination and curiosity. 
First of all, I haven’t bleached my roots in forever. I keep and keep delaying it – I am currently waiting on an order with some hair stuff and as soon as that arrives, I find some time, my friend finds some time, she is gonna help me bleach it again. And I am planning on doing some color again, too. I miss my colorful hair and feel a little naked without it. 
I am gonna let my hair grow out for another few months or even years. Right now, my hair is the longest it has ever been and I am curious about how long it can actually get.

33 – Are you addicted to your smartphone? 

Not my smart phone, I don’t even have my own, I share one with my husband. But my laptop, kinda. 
I do everything on my laptop, personal stuff and also blog stuff. I type my posts on it, I edit and format them, I edit pictures on it and all such stuff. There would be no blog if I didn’t have access to a laptop, so I kinda do depend on it. 

34 – How much money is in your bank account? 

Enough to love, not enough to live the life of my dreams. 

35 – What are your favorite stores? 

I do love thrift stores and such. I can spend hours upon hours there, you can find real treasures there, not one thing is like the other. I love them. 
I love those vintage and secondhand malls, too. I can spend hours walking around, exploring, browsing, looking at stuff… 
But you could also let me lose in any Walmart or Target, CVS or Sephora – it just doesn’t get boring, I can spend half a day there. 

36 – Which drink do you order at a bar? 

Having lived in Germany, many American beers are too watery and tasteless for me. I do have developed a taste for IPAs, though. I do enjoy their hoppy flavor, it reminds me of German beer a little. 
I do sometimes go for cocktails or diet soda, if I don’t feel like drinking alcohol. 

37 – Do you usually know when it’s time to go? 

I don’t really go and visit too many people. We occasionally drop in with hubby’s family, that’s it. Apart from that, I just go by my best friend’s who only lives a few doors down and there I know I am always welcome. And that she would say something, if she needed or wanted to be alone. 

38 – If you would be an entrepreneur, what would you do? 

I would definitely do something creative, writing, artsy, photography, something with makeup and fashion and drawing and all that. Basically, probably blog. Blogging is a big passion and being able to live off of it would be neat. 

39 – Do you always want to win? 

Not at all, what’s important is that I have fun. 

40 – Do you attend church? 

No, I don’t attend church anymore, I have no relation to it and most religious views are none that I could share. 

That’s it for today.
In the next post I am gonna answer questions about my school days, when I get up, if I celebrate my birthday and more. 
What are your answers to these questions? 
If you made a blog post about these, too, feel free to leave your link in the comments, I would be glad to check it out. 
Have a great day, until next time! 

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