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1000 questions to ask yourself – part 3 (questions 21 – 30)

Hiho guys, it is time for another 1000 questions to ask yourself -post. If I continue doing them as rarely as I do right now and if I keep being so slow and all, we won’t be done until 2222….

So  grab a cup of tea or coffee and cozy up, time to answer some questions again!

Ready? Snuggled up and a nice cup of tea at hand? Let’s go then…


Question no. 21 – How much of importance is it what others think of you?

It used to be rather important, I thought that everybody could and should like me and I was always trying to please everybody and at the same time I sometimes tended to go through phases where I wouldn’t give a flying f-word about what others said to or about me.

Now, I don’t really care nor think about it too much anymore, I’ve realized that you can’t please everybody and that it is impossible to be everybody’s darling – and that’s absolutely ok.

When I say, other’s opinion of me doesn’t really weigh too heavily on my shoulders, that doesn’t mean that I am absolutely oblivious to criticism or constructive thoughts and ideas, as well as to facts, but it doesn’t torture me anymore if I have the feeling that someone doesn’t agree with me or might simply not like me.


Question no. 22 – Which is your favorite time of the day?

I love the transition time of night to day and day to night a lot, the time when everything is a little dim, the time when we are caught in between light and darkness.

And I also love the night a bunch, I am a night owl and love to stay up late and also to get up extra early sometimes to enjoy some peace and quiet, while the world slumbers.


Question no. 23 – Are you a good cook?

I learned a lot from my parents and also from moving around a lot.  I like to experiment and usually am able to recreate a dish without instructions after tasting it. We are also the household everyone of our friends usually flocks to when they are hungry. They know nobody will be turned down and everyone gets a plate and they usually really like my food, too.

So I guess, I would say, I am a decent to pretty good cook. I love cooking, it’s a rather big passion and I enjoy it thoroughly and the kids do as well, they love to help in the kitchen.


Question no. 24 – Which season fits you most?

I am a total fall lover and I think fall fits me very well – it’s colorful, but also gloomy, bright and dark, sunny and stormy, warm and cold…


Question no. 25 – When was the last time you did absolutely nothing for a day?

Like, nothing nothing, absolutely nothing nothing for the whole day?

I can’t remember…

I have lazy days here and there where I do the minimum of housework, usually on the weekends when we do family time instead, but nothing at all all day? That must have been sometime when I was a teenager I guess.


Question no. 26 – Were you a happy child?

My childhood wasn’t the rosiest, it only changed after my mom’s divorce from an abusive husband and stepdad and when she finally met a decent guy who respected and loved her the way she deserved it (and me, too).

I can’t say if I was really a HAPPY child, there are not many particularly happy memories. These only started later on with the new life my mom started after the breakup.


Question no. 27 – Do you buy flowers often?

No, never really, except potted plants. I kill most plants though, I have what should be called a death thumb instead of a green thumb and am notorious for killing anything that’s green, leafy or has the potential to bloom. But I keep trying and I keep dreaming of a jungle-like, green home-oasis filled with plants and greenery… 

I will go and pluck flowers anywhere I can in nature, though, I love making wreaths, picking wildflowers and having little self-made mini bouquets all over the house. 


Question no. 28 – What are your dreams? 

I dream of a world free from war and evil, free from racism, sexism and hate…  Oh well, I guess you can dream… 

I’ve always dreamed about moving to a different country and living there and well, I did that more than once…

I would love to swim with sharks, not cage diving, but swimming with sharks – of course not with a Great White, but some cat sharks or a whale shark. I’ve always loved sharks and they were among my favorite animals since I can remember and I would love to see these magnificent animals up close one day. 

I would love to visit Iceland and see the polar lights, I would love to see the Sahara desert and visit the Great Barrier Reef. A timeout for a few months in a monastery in Nepal would be something, I would do immediately if I ever got the chance to do it. 

If I could just do it, I would love to travel the world forever, move from country to country, stay for a year or two and then move on.

Ah, one can dream…. 


Question no. 29 – In how many apartments have you lived? 

Moving around has always been a part of my life and then the Army life happened and well, we all know how that goes. I lived in way over 20 different apartments in 4 different countries.


Question no. 30 – What are your vices? 

The “usual”, I guess, I do like shopping, I am a little vain, I like to party, I enjoy a good wine or IPA, I sleep to little and workout too little as well. I love social media, the internet, Netflix and Hulu and video games… 

But life without any vices, now that would be rather boring, wouldn’t it? 

In the next 1000 questions to ask yourself post we are gonna explore mobile phone habits, favorite shopping places and whether I go to church or not. 

What about you? 

Are you like me, are you different, what are your answers to these questions?

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