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Halloween Impressions 2018 – Halloween in Kentucky

Trick or Treat, 

Give me something good to eat. 

Give me candy, give me cake, 

Give me something sweet to take. 


Our family just absolutely loves Halloween, we are huge horror fans, so it kinda figures that we thoroughly enjoy this part of the year. The kids love the costumes, they love anything creepy and well, then there’s candy, so it’s a no-brainer regarding them as well.

The love for Halloween runs deeply and for the past few weeks it’s been tested to the limits as well.

“Is it Halloween yet?”

“When is Halloween?”

“Can we go Trick or Treat right now…?”

These and similar questions haunted me for months and weeks leading up to the 31st of October.

Finally, we had bought the costumes, the Halloween buckets were ready at the door, waiting to be dragged along crowded streets and to be filled up with candy and sweets of any variety, kids eager to go for the long awaited walk through our neighborhood and reap the fruits of their dressing up and reciting Halloween rhymes.

Due to a storm warning that predicted heavy rainfall and storm activity as well as an incoming cold front for the 31st, Trick or Treating had been moved to Tuesday, the 30th. The kids were not bothered by that at all, though, on the contrary, they welcomed the fact of NOT having to sleep yet another night very much.

Hubby was also able to come along, thanks to an understanding boss that allowed for employees with families for a later start of the work day specifically for Halloween. That again enabled me to take my camera along and take a few pictures – our neighborhood went all out regarding decorations and I took tons of pictures, which I will let speak for themselves now… 

How was your Halloween? 

Are you Halloween lovers like us, or not so much? 

What costumes did you and your kids wear? 

Did you get a lot of candy? 



  • Birgit

    Hier in Bayern ist überhaupt nix und mein Sohn ist schon längst ausser Haus.

    Ich hab allerdings bei Facebook einige Bilder von den geschmückten Häusern in New York gesehen und ich hoffe sehr, dass ich das mal persönlich erleben darf.

    • Alicja

      Oh, New York zu Halloween würde ich auch gerne mal sehen, muss ich zugeben. Und zu Weihnachten…
      Echt nicht, ich dachte, Bayern wäre tendenziell aktiver als viele andere Teile Deutschlands, durch die vielen Amis durch die diversen Army Bases…? Kommt sicherlich aber auch wieder drauf an, wo genau man in Bayern ist. Ich erinnere mich noch, dass in RGB wenig bis nix war und in den kleineren Städten direkt um die US Bases dafür umso mehr.
      Sohn aus dem Haus, das kann ich mir noch gar nicht vorstellen…

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