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Bullet Journal Spread October – Spooky Times

I can’t believe October is almost over already, like, where did the time go?  This month was full and hectic, family gatherings, new kitchen appliances were delivered, we had a conference at school, then there was fall break and time just flew by without me even noticing. On top of everything, I am ridiculously tired, exhausted and right about now, hibernation sounds like a really great idea. 

I wanted to post my bullet journal spreads for October a while ago, but never came around to it, so here goes. 

I didn’t feel like getting too artsy this month, I wanted to do a quick and easy setup, after all, a bullet journal can be practical, too, not just pretty. 

For the cover page, I just did a few spooky, Halloween-inspired doodles and slimy font, which will be found throughout the spreads for this month and often is the only decoration I used. 

My mood tracker this month is little spiders, my blog tracker little ghosts. 


The monthly overview is slimy, the rest is kept simple – headers are done in slime font and the rest is simply for notes. 

There is space for my monthly goals, memories, ideas and a habit tracker, then a planner for my blog and Instagram channel and then my weekly spreads. 

As you can see, it is all kept very simple and was done within a few minutes, because I didn’t feel like doing anything elaborate this month. 

Are you a bullet journal addict and user, too? 

Do you use normal planners or apps?

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