1000 Questions to ask Yourself

1000 questions to ask yourself – part 2 (questions 11 – 20)

Time for another 1000 questions to ask yourself post!
The last one was a while ago and you can read it HERE – I wanted to get on the next one a lot earlier, but I am the queen of procrastination, so well, here we are… 
But I always say, better late than never, so here we go! 

11 – Until when did you believe in Santa Clause? 

Honestly, I am not even sure if I really ever believed in Santa. It was pretty obvious and clear, even at a tender, young age, that there wasn’t a mythical, magical creature dropping the presents under the tree, but that my grandparents and parents, who locked themselves in the living room to decorate the tree just before it was time to open the presents and do whatnot might be behind all this, especially since after they were finished, suddenly there were presents under the tree. So not very long, if even at all… 

12 – Name a thing you want to be able to buy / afford some day

Oh my, oh my, that’s a hard one…. 
Of course, a few new camera lenses and some equipment may be nice. I can think of a few purses and Louboutin shoes I wouldn’t say not to… There is a bunch of stuff that I would buy if money wasn’t an option, but ultimately, there is nothing that I really, really badly want to be able to get someday. 
I wouldn’t mind selling most of our belongings and live and cruise around the world in an RV, now THAT I would be down for. My husband and I often talk about this little dream and agreed that one day, we actually will do this, probably when it’s time for retirement. 

13 – Which character trait would you like to possess? 

I would love to be more patient, I am the most impatient person in the world, I get worked up so quickly, too. I would like to be more relaxed and, not sure if that counts as a character trait, but I sometimes wish, I was more ignorant. Ignorance is bliss, I tell you. What you don’t know can’t bother you. In times like these, where the world seems to be going down, politics are all crazy and there are tons of social issues, simply not knowing and not caring would bring me great peace. On the other hand, I am not sure that I really want that. Peace of mind might be nice, but knowing and being aware is nice, too, even when it comes with some downsides of always being upset about stuff and a deep inner urge to change the world. 



14 – What’s your favorite TV show? 

Oh, come on now, one? I can’t decide on just one… 
I will give you a little overview on what I like to watch, though. I absolutely love adult animation, most of all Rick and Morty, but also Bob’s Burgers and other stuff in that area, anything Adult Swim streams, I usually like. 
And I got a thing for horror shows and stuff like Sons of Anarchy, into the Badlands etc. Of course, I am a huge The Walking Dead fan as well as Fear the Walking Dead, Freakish, Z Nation and such. 

15 – When was the last time you visited an amusement park? 

When I was a little kid. It’s been ages since I have last been to an amusement park. I am not a big fan of roller coasters at all, actually, I won’t step foot into one, so I don’t enjoy about 80% of all the stuff that there is in amusement parks. I love haunted houses, though. 

16 – How old would you like to get? 

Honestly, I would rather not get too old. I want to be there for my kids when they grow up and be sure that they can handle life and everything it throws at them, spend a few years with my husband and that’s about it. If that is the case, I can happily die at 56 or so… 

17 – Which holiday trip do you reminisce about and why? 

The last summer holidays I spent with my parents at the sea. I was 13 or so, not very old yet, but it was magical. They rented a little summer apartment right by the beach, there was a little aquarium right in front of our apartment, too, and I spent most of my time either at the beach or the aquarium. We went out to dinner almost every day, took mile-long beach walks to end up in the town over to grab a snack and then walk back, lazy evenings watching the sunset, peace… 
I remember it so well, because it was one of the last times that I felt a lightness in life, soon after, my first severe depressive episode kicked in and my borderline started to really show and get bad. I miss those serene, peaceful days when I had little to no worry in life… 

18 – How does it feel to be love-sick? 

The last time I felt love-sick is so long ago, I barely remember. I only remember it sucked. Like real bad. But then, I guess that’s just the way it is, the feeling sucks. 

19 – Would you prefer to have a different name? 

Nope, I used to not like my name at all, but I’ve grown to like and love it. 
The story why my mom gave me my name is so sweet and adorable, that I can’t hate my name: When she studied, she had a best friend named like me and that best friend was always exceptionally, crazy lucky. No matter what she did, no matter what happened, she had outerworldly luck. My mom never got tired to mention how beautiful she was, either. My mom gave me the same name in the hopes, my life would be just as lucky and blessed. 

20 – When did you doubt yourself? 

Ha, wrong question! It should be: when are you NOT doubting yourself? 
I am full of self-doubt, nothing I ever do is good enough for me and I am standing in my way with this. I used to be different and rather self-confident and confident about the things I did and created. But that changed and now nothing is ever good enough, someone else is always doing it better and why do I even bother? This hinders me in many areas, mainly my blog. I used to photograph so much, did so many makeups, now I barely post anything anymore because nothing I produce seems good enough…. 


These were my answers, what are yours? 
Are you finding yourself in these answers or are you the complete opposite? 
Feel free to leave me a comment! 

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