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Bullet Journal September Spreads – Baby, it’s fall outside…


I really have to pull myself together to not dance in the colorful leaves and start a leaf fight with anybody daring to come close to me, yelling “It’s fall, it’s finally fall!!! Halloween is just around the corner, it’s fall, rejoice!”, like an overly enthusiastic pastor during Sunday services. 

It’s not only fall, my favorite season of the year, it’s also time for a new monthly bullet journal spread – September calls for a new monthly overview, cover page and such.

I didn’t show you guys last month’s spread, since it didn’t turn out as good and pretty as I was thinking and I was also a little late, so it was very simple and basic. This month, I was late again, I really need better time management, I am sooo bad with that, but I did a nice little spread anyways. 

This time,  tried something different, I still have a lot of printed out pages, sample spreads and such from back in the days when I started experimenting with the whole bullet journal thing and didn’t want to draw too much. I printed out a bunch of covers, spreads, weekly spreads, trackers and such and still have a nice little pile that I really don’t want to waste and throw away, so I decided to use them in a scrapbooking, collage sort of way in my current bullet journal.

The cover page is really simple, water colors in autumn shades, falling, colorful leaves, perfect for September. 

The monthly overview is just as simple, a few collage elements in fall colors, a little space for my monthly goals, that’s it. It’s practical, but pretty. 

Next are my mood tracker and my blog views tracker. I like to have a quick at a glance overview on how well the blog is doing and how many visitors I have, I am into all the statistics and all that stuff, so I found a way to incorporate this into my monthly spreads. 

My mood tracker is a monthly must, it helps me detect depressive phases as well as phases when my anxiety gets worse and maybe even certain patterns or triggers. It also motivates me when I see that a month has been going particularly well. 

Again, autumn inspired trackers, berries and leaves, following through with the fall theme here. 

Next my habit tracker – a simple page that I printed out over a year ago and that I finally am putting to use. I am forever trying to form healthier and better habits, be more productive etc. but I also forever fail and then try again. 

The next page is printed out as well, just a little space to jot down any ideas I might have regarding the blog, dinner ideas, stuff to do with the family and such. 

Everybody needs an IDEAS page. 

The following double page is dedicated to memories from September, anything that’s worthwhile remembering, will end up here. 

Last, but not least, a little blog and Instagram planner. Like I mentioned before, I forever try to be more organised and productive and forever fail, but well, it’s the thought that counts. At least, I am trying… And one day, I will succeed, as well… 

And then there are the weekly overviews and spreads, I only did one so far, I usually make the next one or two weekly spreads every (other) Sunday. 

Again, I utilized some of the stuff I printed out to do a little collage, scrapbooky thingy. 

This was my first time trying to do collages and not only draw the full spread and it was a very fun and creative way to style my bullet journal and it definitely won’t be the last time, that I did that. Time to collect old newspapers and magazines again! 

Do you have a bullet journal as well? 

What do your overviews and spreads look like? 

What is a must in your monthly overviews, do you do habit trackers, mood trackers? 

Feel free to leave a comment and drop a link to your blog post, if you write about your bullet journal as well. 

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