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Life Update #6 – Summer Break in Kentucky – family reunion, wedding anniversary, back to school and more

10 weeks of summer break are over and done with and I am a little relieved. Not that I don’t like both kids at home, but this time, basically ALL the neighboring kids were at our place all the time. It was full, loud and exciting and I am honest, I enjoy the sudden peace and quiet that overcame the house as soon as school started again.
It is only Khaleesy here from 7 to 3 in the afternoon and she tends to be quiet and draw a lot and plays with her dolls when brother is at school. As soon as he comes back, they both turn up, so I am trying to use the tranquil mornings and noon time to work on the blog a little. I haven’t had much chance during summer break and am trying to get back on track with posting regularly. 

 We’ve now had a few months to get used to Kentucky and settle in, we still miss Colorado and especially our friends that we left behind there, but we are feeling more and more home here. 
We took a few trips to the lake where my sister-in-law has a boat, took boat trips, had picnics on and by the lake and went swimming. The kids loved it and it was almost impossible to get them out of the water, they are just like me, they love to swim and splash around, no matter where. Just being in the water makes them happy. 
KJ went fishing with his uncle and caught his first fish, Khaleesy got a new bike and is learning how to ride… It was a beautiful summer, a little too hot for my liking, but beautiful. The kids had fun, even when I felt like I was getting cooked, I am not made for heat like this, I am definitely getting too old for this… 
There were also a few little street festivals in the area which we visited, we walked around, had a look at the booths, enjoyed some tasty food and had wonderful family fun. 
One of the greatest things we were able to participate in was the family reunion of my husband’s family that takes place yearly in Kentucky, but since we had lived so far away for so long, he was stationed in Europe, Korea, Iraq and Afghanistan for quite a while, we never made it there and hubby hasn’t seen his family for over 20 years, some of them for over 30. It was great to meet everyone for the first time and amazing to see how happy everybody was that hubby had finally made it to the family reunion. We had food, fun and music and exchanged stories and got to know each other and it was wonderful and we are definitely coming back to the next family reunion next year. 
And then, suddenly and almost surprisingly fast, summer break was over, back to school shopping begun and then we already had the orientation day at KJ’s school. We met the school staff and his new teacher, who just finished college and teaches his first class and is super nice and has an amazingly positive and progressive teaching stance and program, took a look at his classroom, got the bus schedule and so on and so forth and were ready to start school again. 

And then, last Wednesday, the first day of school was there and now school has us back again. KJ loves it so far and he really likes his new teacher. 
And last but not least, one other big thing happened, hubby and I had our 8th wedding anniversary. Time flies so fast, I can’t believe that it’s been 8 years since we exchanged wedding vows. I am so lucky to have such a wonderful person by my side. We’ve been through quite a lot and I can’t imagine life without him. 
As you can see, summer break was fun and pretty great here, we had a lot of family time, it was peaceful and I even had fun playing with makeup a little bit again. 
I am starting to feel better and better, I’ve had a lot less panic attacks in the past few weeks and I am hoping, this upwards trend will continue. 
Now, that school has started again, I have a little more time to work on the blog, write, take pictures and so on, so hopefully I will post more and more regularly in the future. 

How did you spend summer break? 
Did you have fun? 
Feel free to leave a comment below! 


    • Alicja

      lieben Dank, ich sollte öfter mal so kleine Rückblicke machen, vergesse es aber immer wieder.

  • Jana

    Zuerst mal “Alles Gute” zum Hochzeitstag! Und zum Ende der Sommerferien! Meine Tochter war auch 9 Wochen zu Hause und hat sich am Ende schon auf den Beginn der Schule gefreut 😉

    Das mit dem Schwindel bei der Hitze kenne ich auch nur zu gut, hatte ich in den letzten Tagen immerzu! Hoffentlich wird’s bald besser, wo es ja nun kühler wird!

    Liebe Grüße nach Kentucky

    • Alicja

      Allerliebsten Dank für die Glückwünsche.
      9 Wochen sind auch ne lange Zeit, der Grosse hat sich auch sehr gefreut, als die Schule endlich wieder losging. Die ersten 2 Wochen gabs noch keine Hausaufgaben, er liegt mir schon in den Ohren, dass er endlich Hausaufgaben haben will… Ich hoffe mal, das bleibt so, lol…
      Dir auch gute Besserung, ich hoffe auf baldige Abkühlung.
      Liebe Grüsse zurück.

  • Talasia

    Oh wow, 8 Jahre schon verheiratet ♥ wie schön! Alles Gute und auf viele viele weitere schöne Jahre. Die Ferien haben auf mich keinen Einfluss, keine Kinder, daher war alles wie immer ^^ aber die Hitze…puh die mag ich auch echt gar nicht und ich freue mich heute über das bewölkte, kühle Wetter!!!

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