Outfit #7 – Summer, Summer, Summertime

Summer is nearing its end, it has been an almost vicious, hellishly hot summer this year and I have to admit that I am more than ready to slip into fall. When it is so very hot, I don’t enjoy makeup nor fashion, I just wanna lay in a corner and melt. I bet I am not the only one who was feeling this way when the temperatures climbed to numbers that would put hell and the Sahara desert to shame. 

Thankfully, it is getting a bit cooler, like summer was just waiting for the new school year to start and that means, I can dress up and make up a little again, without the dangers of it being all washed away by sweat (and tears over the heat). 

I absolutely fell in love with the lace up trend, so sexy, yet so elegant – since I don’t have much curves to speak of – or in this case – to lace up, I opt for accessories like shoes to pursue this slightly raunchy trend – this also allows for a little more daytime appropriateness. 

Paired with a tight wrap skirt and simple top you get a feminine, elegant and sensual, but not too sexual outfit that works for a dinner reservation, a bar date or a night out and about town. 

The Sailor Moon purse is a MUST at the moment and it will be for quite a while – the little kid in me comes through here, I am in love with that cute bag.  Every time I wear it out, I get asked where I got it and people get excited and start conversations about Sailor Moon, I love it – it’s more than a simple purse, it’s a real conversation starter. 

Top – Mossimo 

HiLo Wrap Skirt – via Wish 

Sailor Moon Purse (PR Sample) – Rosegal 

Lace Up Heels – via eBay 


How do you enjoy the last warm days of the year? 

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