Disney Villains SOHO Brush Sets – Ursula, Evil Queen & Maleficent – REVIEW

Disney and makeup are my weaknesses. Hubby knows that, too.

Every time we pass a Walgreens, I insist on checking inside really quick, there might be a new Disney Limited Edition. 

And whenever hubby passes a Walgreens, he stops, walks in, and checks for me, too. 

And if they DO have something, he usually gets it for me – like those wonderful Disney Villains Limited Edition Brush sets by SOHO.

Unfortunately, sometimes we miss a launch and they sell out at the store. In cases like this, thank God for Amazon! 

And here they are! 

They are sooo pretty, aren’t they? 

Let’s have a closer look… 

So these Disney limited editions usually come out every 3 – 4 months, they can be found at your local Walgreens – mostly they are a collaboration between elf and Disney or Disney and Walgreens, Ardelle Lashes and Orly nail polish and sometimes some other things. Mostly these LEs consist of a beauty book, eyeshadow palette, a blush or bronzer, lip products, fake lashes, nail varnishes, hair stuff, accessories and beauty bags and so on. Usually, I am only interested in the beauty books and the eyeshadow palettes and sometimes a blush or bronzer. All the other stuff is usually not really interesting, not collectible or I wouldn’t use it, so I don’t get them – I don’t want stuff in my collection that I don’t really like or use, so I stick to the beauty books, which are super pretty and useful and highly collectible and little special things here and there. 

The Disney Villains Limited Edition focuses, as the name implies, on some of the female evil characters of the  Disney movies, like Maleficent from “Sleeping Beauty”, the Evil Queen from “Snow White” and Ursula from “The Little Mermaid” – all old classics, which I appreciate even more, these characters bring me right back to my childhood. 

So hubby brought me these brush sets, he figured I would like them and I mentioned to him that the brand behind the brushes, SOHO London New York, is supposedly a pretty good and often recommended brand in the drugstore segment. 

I got all three brush sets:

The Evil Queen 3 Piece Face Set, the Ursula 4 Piece Eye Set and the Maleficent 3 Piece Contour Set. 



•made by SOHO London New York in cooperation with Disney 

• part of the Disney Villains Limited Edition for Walgreens 

• 3 different brush sets available: Maleficent – 3 Piece Contour Set, Ursula – 4 Piece Eye Set, Evil Queen – 3 Piece Face Set 

• $9.99 per set 

The brushes are really pretty, the design great. They did a great job on them, they look beautiful and they feel tip-top, the quality seems pleasing, especially for that rather cheap price. But then, the quality is something that will reveal itself over time. 

My first impression is really good, though, the brush hairs are soft and fluffy and the brush handles seem sturdy. 

Each brush set has its own individual design based on the characters they are based on. 


Maleficent 3 Piece Contour Set 

  • Stipling Brush 
  • Angled Buff Brush 
  • Concealer Brush 

These brushes are kept in the colors associated with the Disney character Maleficent – black, dark magentas and purples. 

There also is a little dragon logo on the handle, the upper half of which is kept in a dark metallic lilac and the bottom half dark purple with an elaborated magenta print incorporating stuff from the movie around the evil fairy Maleficent. 

The bristles are duo toned in black with dark magenta ends. 

Especially the stipling and the angled buff brush seem a little small, which doesn’t really bother me though. 

Many normal face brushes are rather big and I can really use some smaller versions, since they will let me work more detailed. 

The stipling brush is meant to apply contouring powder – it is soft and fluffy, but really rather small. The tip of the brush covers about the size of my thumb, a small thumb, just so you have a clue how small I am talking about. 

The angled buff brush is meant to blend any edges after you apply your contouring powder with the stipling brush. It is angled to make maneuvering across the entire face easier. It’s a little bigger than the stipling brush, but not a lot. Again, very fluffy and soft bristles. 

The last brush in the contour set is a concealer brush, the bristles are soft, but have more resistance for a creamy texture like concealer and it is small and pointy enough to use it for detailed work, which I really like.


Ursula 4 Piece Eye Set 

  • Eyeshadow Brush 
  • Crease Brush 
  • Pointed Eyeliner Brush 
  • Angled Smudge Brush 

These are kept in ocean colors associated with the character Ursula from the Disney classic “The Little Mermaid” – gold, teal, white and blue. The upper part of the brush handle is kept in metallic gold, a shell symbol imprinted on it and the brush hair is white. The lover part of the brush handle is teal and dark blue and features an elaborate pattern as on the other brush, again incorporating the movie into the pattern. 

The eyeshadow brush is very fluffy and soft, but also rather big. I hope it doesn’t create too much fall out. 

The Crease brush is a little smaller and bound a lot denser. It looks like it might be perfect for cream shadows, too. 

The pointed eyeliner brush is pretty huge, the point very big. I can’t really imagine using this for a precise eyeliner, I just can’t fathom how this brush would create a fine tip. I can imagine using it for more detailed parts of an eye makeup when working with eyeshadows, though. 

The angled smudge brush is rather small again and I like brushes like that, but only have slightly bigger versions of this, so I am happy about one that’s a tad bit smaller. 


Evil Queen 3 Piece Face Set 

  • All Over Face Brush 
  • Curved Foundation Brush 
  • Angled Brow Brush 

These are designed following the pattern of the other two brush sets – kept in the colors associated with the Evil Queen: Red, dark purple and black. 

The upper part of the brush handles are metallic red with a little crown logo, the lower part of the brushes black and purple with an elaborated pattern.

The brush hairs are black with purple ends. 

The All Over Face Brush is rather small for a normal powder brush, they recommend this brush for any kind of powder product on the face. I can imagine it working great as a blush / bronzer / highlighter brush, but for a simple powder brush it is a little too small. Again, the brush hairs feel delicate and smooth. 

The Curved Foundation Brush appears odd at first, the curved form looks a little strange, but supposedly this design does not only cover bigger areas as well as lets you do more detailed work. I guess I will see when I try it. Again, this brush is rather small, I am not sure if I want to apply foundation with it, it seems like it might take a long time, BUT it might be just perfect to blend contouring lines…? 

And the last brush is the Angled Brow Brush – now this one seems way too large to be a brow brush, it is really long and pretty wide, too. I can’t imagine how I would do my brows with that, but I guess I can try… It just seems way too big, though. 


first impression

• Stipling Brush: It worked with powder products, but it seems a tad bit too hard and I think it might be put to better use with creamy products 

• Angled Buff Brush: worked really well, I can imagine using this to blend out contour lines as well as to apply blush, bronzer, highlighter 

• Concealer Brush: one of my favorite brushes of them all, perfect density and resistance, the rather slim and small shape allow super precise work, I used it to line my brows and lips and it is perfect for detail work like that 

• Eyeshadow Brush: my initial fear that it might be too big was unnecessary, I could work well with this brush and it would make a great blending brush, too 

• Crease Brush: worked ok with powder eyeshadow but seemed a little too hard and resistance a little too high, should work wonderful with creamy products though 

• Pointed Eyeliner Brush: as I thought, way too big to serve as an eyeliner brush, the line was super wide and smudged. However, this could be a wonderful brush for detailed work, maybe a lip brush, concealer brush…? I am not sure yet, but I will find a good use for it. 

• Angled Smudge Brush: works well, no complaints 

• All Over Face Brush: too small to be used as a normal powder brush, but I love it for setting concealer under the eyes and I can imagine it to be great for techniques like baking or so 

• Curved Foundation Brush: worked wonderful, perfect for detailed work like under the eyes, around the nose and brows etc. but a little too small for bigger areas. Nonetheless one of my favorite brushes here again, because it really surprised me positively. 

• Angled Brow Brush: again a brush I was really sceptic about. It seemed way too big and wide. I didn’t expect any usable result when I started doing my brows and was immediately baffled – it works wonderful. It gives off the right amount of color, has the perfect resistance and actual the perfect shape and size. I love it. 

The brushes seem all ok, the bristles are soft and take on product well and give it off well, too. They didn’t lose any hairs of color when I washed them, all makeup products could be removed easily and without any residue. They dry up to be just as soft and fluffy as before. 


The colored bristles didn’t lose any color and the all white brush bristles came out pure white after the wash again. 


My first impression is more than good. 


I am really happy about this actually rather useful and also super pretty addition to my brush collection. 

Did you see the limited edition, too? 

Did you get any of the brushes? 

If so, what did you think about them? 


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