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Bullet Journal July 2018 – nautical spreads, shells, lighthouses and more

Another month is over, it’s July already and that means, it’s also time for another bullet journal spread – and post. 

This month I opted for a summery nautical theme, lighthouses, the ocean, shells, rope… A nautical theme offers so many possibilities and I am an ocean lover at heart. Too bad, the last time I’ve been at the ocean is ages ago, but I could incorporate my love for the sea in this month’s spread perfectly. 

July’s title picture is the first that I’ve done in watercolor. It was my first time with this medium and I immediately noticed that it makes sense to invest in a journal with thicker pages that don’t bleed through if you want to work with watercolors. 

The title page features a beach, some reeds and a lighthouse, as well as a small calendar overview. 

After this, a monthly overview. This was by far one of the most complicated and intricate spreads, mostly due to the rope, which turned out to be a ton of work. I started by light brown watercolor lines and then traced the rope using a fine liner. Afterwards, I added shading with colored pencils. 

The shells are all pencil and fine liner. 

Since the kids have holidays, there are not a lot of important dates or appointments to be kept and I made only a little overview page to keep track of them, as well as my monthly goals and an overview over the blog posts I want to publish this month. 

On the other page, there is space for all the memories I might want to keep track of. 

Next, my mood tracker – it’s shell shaped and fits into the monthly nautical theme. A mood tracker is a must have for me, it helps me identify anxiety patterns or depressive phases and deal with them better. 

On the other page there’s a blog visitor tracker, I like to know how much traffic my blog gets, how I can improve etc., so that’s also basically something I do almost every month. This one fits the nautical theme as well, being a lighthouse. 

Last, but not least, a brainstorming page for any ideas that might pop in my head that I don’t want to forget. I need to write everything down, since I’ve had kids, my brain equals a strainer, full of holes, that any thoughts that I have slip through in record time. 

If I don’t write stuff down, I am sure to forget. 

I also have a blog planner included this month, but I won’t be posting a picture of it. If I fail to adhere to it, it will be a little less embarrassing. 

But I really want to step my blog game up a little this month, post a little more and more regularly, at least, that’s the plan. 

In lieu of weekly spreads I will only add a few diary pages as well as to do lists and weekly habit trackers to organize this and that. With the kids having holidays there are not as many dates and appointments to keep track of, so I am skipping the detailed weeklies for this month. 

Those are my BuJo spreads for July. 

How do you like them? 

Are you into bullet journaling yourself, or is this not for you? 

Feel free to leave a comment and in case you blogged your bullet journal as well or show some of your creations on Instagram, feel free to leave a link as well. 

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