Outfit #6 – Recycling, but differently

Some of my readers and followers who have been following me for more than two years may still remember my old blog HateMeOrLoveMe. I shut it down after over 6 years of blogging, since I felt like I had outgrown it, I wanted to blog more professionally, finally host it myself and also talk about different topics.

Sometimes I still go back and read old posts, partly for sentimental reasons, partly for inspiration. I stumbled upon a few old outfit posts and got to thinking – I felt kinda sad that so much work that went into these posts – makeup, outfit, going round the city to find a proper shooting location, the outfit shooting itself, sorting and editing the pictures and so on – was, in the end, for basically nothing. The pictures remain unseen, unpublished, in the dark of my private memories of my old blog.

And then another thought arose – was I “allowed” to recycle these pictures?

Was that ok for a blogger to do?

Or was I obligated to always bring out the newest, latest content?

I thought and thought, I contemplated for quite a while, and in the end, I came to the resolution that it WAS ok.

After all, what’s the difference of someone going back in a blog and looking at older posts and simply posting older pictures?

What’s the difference of posting an outfit immediately, a few weeks after wearing it or even months and years later?

The work had already been done, wouldn’t it be rather silly to NOT post them anymore and just have these pictures be forgotten and unused?

So today you are getting a recycled post, with a recycled outfit from 2 years ago. 

Because, simply, why not? 


Shirt – American Apparel (thrifted) 

Jeans – Hollister Co. 

Shoes – via eBay 

Clutch – H&M (ca. 2009) 

Shades – via Wish 

Earrings – some small downtown store in Old Colorado City 

What are your thoughts on this topic? 

Is it ok to show old outfits or unacceptable? 

Feel free to drop a comment with your opinion! 


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