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1000 questions to ask yourself – part 1

The German magazine FLOW recently brought out a booklet with 1000 questions to ask yourself and it quickly got picked up by bloggers and swept the German blogosphere. I, too, was intrigued and quickly jumped on the bandwagon. Ok, not sooo quickly, it took me a minute, but here I am, starting to answer 1000 questions to ask myself – for you.
How better to get to know someone, yourself, or a blogger, in this case, ME, as to ask 1000 questions – and get the answers? So let’s go! 


1 – When was the last time you did something for the first time? 

Recently I finally met some of hubby’s family after YEARS. We have been too far away to meet any of them and in the past few months, I finally had the chance to meet and get to know a part of his family. 
I also started to learn Japanese, just because… The language and culture had always fascinated me and since KJ is attending regular school, I thought, I might use my new free time and learn something new. 

2 – With whom do you get along best? 

People that think like me. If someone has the same attitudes about politics, social issues and such, I am more likely to get along with them as with people who have opposite views. I am much of a liberal, a so-called social justice warrior and simply don’t like to be around racists or whatnot. Probably not very surprising… I am very sure, they don’t like to be around me, either. 
My husband is definitely one of the people I get along with best. We can always be honest with each other, we have very similar views and even when they differ, we are able to explain and make each other understand our different points of view. 

3 – What do you spend a lot of time on? 

I would lie if I didn’t mention social media, but since I am a blogger, I always have an excuse, lol. 
Blogging, cooking, reading, I love to learn new things, to read up on social issues and politics and discuss these issues. I am, in fact, really good at wasting time on various topics that arouse my interest. 

4 – What jokes make you laugh? 

I am a rather big fan of comedians like Anthony Jesselnik, Daniel Tosh and Jeff Dunham. When it comes to comedy, the darker the better. 

5 – Does it bother you when you ave to cry in front of others? 

Depends on the people. 
I am quite comfortable crying in front of my family or close friends, but I don’t like to show weakness in front of strangers. I remember having a severe panic attack in a supermarket once and I started to cry and I was quite ashamed. That did bother me rather much. 

6 – What do you eat for breakfast? 

I need a few hours of being awake before I can think of eating anything. I need coffee first, then I do whatever I need to do and only a few hours into the day I can start thinking about food. I can’t get anything down before I have been awake for a good while. 
But when I am finally ready to eat something, I don’t discriminate, cereal, a good American breakfast, sandwiches or even leftover pizza. Anything goes. 

7 – Who did you kiss last? 

My son. 
I usually only kiss 3 people anyways, my kids and my husband. 

8 – How much are you like your mother? 

I am very much like my mom – not only do we look very similar, my personality is much like hers, too. We are both artistic, curious and nurturing personalities that like to travel, read, cook and be creative. 
I love that I look similar to her, since she is one of the most beautiful people I know, plus, she ages wonderfully, so I hope, we will be alike when it comes to that, too. 

9 – What do you do first after you get up? 

Make coffee! 
Then I go about my morning beauty routine, do some yoga and check my social media.

10 – Are you good at reading to others? 

I always won the reading contests in school, so I assume I am not horrible at it. 
The kids never had any complaints, either. 


Now, you know me a little better, I will continue with the next block of questions in a few days. 
What do your answers to these questions look like? 
Let me know in the comments! 

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