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Summer Beauty Rituals you should keep up in Winter

The color-changing of the leaves and rustling underneath our feet as we take our steps through the cold breezes sweeping over us, the holiday decoration that is popping up everywhere, the first frost sugar coating the landscape and last flowers – there is no more denying it, winter is upon us, approaching quickly and inevitably. 

As the seasons change, so do our beauty habits and routines. Some new steps are being included into the routine and some are being let go until next summer. before you retire a beauty routine or product watch out – it might be an essential step that will benefit you yearlong. 

wear sunscreen 

Many people only use sunscreen in summer – many still associate summer with sun and winter with no sun and therefore no need for sunscreen. Well, no matter the temperatures, sun rays are always harmful to your skin, whether it is 86 or 23 degrees, so ALWAYS use sunscreen. The most effective way to prevent early skin aging, skin aging in general, skin damage, and even skin cancer. Being tan might be pretty, but it is also pretty unhealthy if you don’t just use self-tanner. I prefer paleness over health issues and wrinkles… 

Always use sunscreen please, always, every day, be strict, make it a beauty mantra… 

Even if you are vain, especially then, don’t want wrinkles? Well, the best way to go about wrinkles is to PREVENT them, the best way to prevent them is to avoid skin damage. Hence, use sunscreen. Once wrinkles are there, there is little to nothing beauty products and creams can do, there are optical fillers that will have a visual effect for a certain amount of time, but none of the products really have a lasting impact. If you PREVENT wrinkles, you won’t have to worry about all that. 


As soon as winter comes, we put our open-toed summer shoes away, put socks on and closed shoes, and tend to forget about our two lower end extremities until next summer when we throw out the socks and bring back out the open shoes. 

Treat your feet right all year round, especially in winter, when your feet are stuck in socks and heavy shoes almost all the time, some extra care is necessary, more so than in summer even. 

And it saves you the reconstruction efforts when summer comes, your feet will always be soft and silky… 

 stay hydrated 

In summer, everyone seems to drag a water bottle around, infused water has been super hip for the last few years. Hydration is essential and people are finally realizing that it is not only essential for your health and well being but also an important factor regarding the appearance of your skin, hair, and much more. If you are hydrated, you don’t only feel good, you look good, too. 

In summer, the heat and the sun remind us constantly to stay hydrated, but what happens when winter comes? Many people have trouble drinking enough once the cold season hits. The desire for cool drinks diminishes, but that is ok, unsweetened teas are just as perfect as infused water and there are winter flavors, too, when it comes to infusing water, just get creative. Ever tried water infused with a few apple slices, a dash of cinnamon and a squirt of maple syrup? No? You should, it also tastes super good when warm. 

So even when the sun is not burning you up and you are feeling cold, hydration is always important. 

skip the foundation for a BB Cream 

In summer, this has become an almost natural step for many makeup users, we switch from heavy full coverage foundation onto lighter all in one product like BB cream, but as soon as winter hits, almost everyone brings out the heavy-duty foundation again. But why? 

BB creams have so many benefits over normal foundation, why not benefit from it in winter, too?

BB creams save time, product, money and your skin can even benefit from them, they usually have a sun protection factor so you could skip the extra step of applying sunscreen, many BB creams will not only hydrate your skin, some can even improve your skin and help against impurities. If you suffer from acne-prone skin, try an oil-free bb cream. 

BB cream is a multitasking miracle product and good for your skin, apply it more often, just like you do in summer… 

skip the hot baths and keep taking short, cool showers

As soon as winter comes, we fill up our bathtubs with hot, steaming water and immerse ourselves into the hot, calming goodness – but is a hot bath really that good for you as it feels? 

Actually, it isn’t – hot baths should be a rare pleasure, for your own good – the hot water can not only completely mess up your metabolism and make you dizzy, hot water can even burn you, put your heart at risk and the danger of hypothermia. But that is not all, it is also not good for your skin – hot water depletes natural oils from the skin’s surface and will dry it out. 

Take lukewarm showers instead, it is better for your health, your skin, and even for the environment. 

 If you do want to take a hot bath, make sure the water isn’t too hot, you won’t stay in the hot water for longer than 5 – 10 minutes, shower off with lukewarm water and moisturize well after getting out of the bath. 

Nonetheless, regarding the risks versus the benefits, stick to showers mostly – it’s also way more environment-friendly and saves water. 






What are your tips for a pretty and healthy winter? 



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