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Life Update #2

Another week is over, time is flying. We could enjoy the last mild and warm days of late summer here, but with the weekend came the cold and rain. 

We used these last nice days and spent the majority of our time outside…. 


We were outside most of the time, taking walks, running around, exploring the colorful nature and the changing leaves, driving our scooters and tricycles. 

KJ got a little scrape, but with a bandaid and some kisses, it was all better within seconds. 

I used the time outside to practice my photography and take some pictures. 

I was in jeans and simple shirts and tanks all week, but I shared some fall outfits from the past years on Instagram


We had taco salad, delicious pasta and wine, and strawberries and vanilla pudding amongst other things. 


I continued to read my book and got about 150 pages in, not a lot, but better than nothing. 

Since we were out so much, we didn’t watch a lot of TV, we just caught up Shameless Season 7 and I started to watch Midnight Texas and am not sure yet, if I am hooked or not. 


I am blogging more again, though, finally. 

Last week, I posted my first  Life Update post as well as a Neutrogena Skin Care Haul, a recipe for delicious fried rice and fall interior inspiration. 

What did you do last week and what are you up to in the following days? 

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