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Recipe – Quick Asian Fried Rice with Egg and Vegetables

We LOVE Chinese takeout here and get some every few weeks. One thing that I HAVE to order each time is an extra order of fried rice, I am basically addicted to fried rice. And while all Chinese food items, menus, and even the taste differ from country to country, fried rice always tastes almost exactly the same. Fried rice is reliable, steady, my comfort food.
Ordering takeout all the time gets expensive, I needed to learn how to make fried rice myself. I experimented and over the months I created a super quick and easy fried rice recipe that will satisfy all my cravings.

Table of Contents


rice – already cooked, slightly cooled or from the day before
sesame or peanut oil
veggies – fresh or frozen
curry powder
rice starch
rice vinegar
soy sauce
fish sauce or Gojing salt
chili flakes
Sriracha sauce


Cut up the meat into bite-sized cubes and make a marinade from all the sauces and spices, adding some rice vinegar and rice starch, which will make the meat tender. Marinade overnight.
Boil rice according to instructions and set aside when done.
Fry up the meat and set aside, then fry up some scrambled eggs and set aside fry veggies, and set to the side.
Heat some peanut or sesame oil in a wok and add the rice when hot and season with the spices and soy and fish sauce according to taste. Then add eggs, the meat, and veggies and mix well, heat through. Add some more seasoning if necessary.
Serve with Sriracha sauce and enjoy.

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