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Fall is nearing, my favorite season of the year is upon us.
Today I want to show you my top 10 fall essentials that I absolutely need for the perfect seasonal experience.

Books – A total must in fall, there’s nothing better than snuggling up on a cold day and getting lost in a book.
Scented Candles – Spread coziness and a warm atmosphere with seasonal scents.
Cozy Blankets – Snuggle up in a warm, thick and fluffy blanket while it rains outside.
Tea – Fall time is tea time, tea is tasty and delicious and will keep you warm on the inside.
Seasonal Decoration – Get in the perfect fall mood by decorating your house seasonally.
Pie – Apple pie, peach pie, plum pie, pie, pie, pie… Tasty deliciousness….
Bath Salts – Nothing warms you better after a walk in the cold weather like a nice, hot bath.
Hand Cream – Hands and skin need some extra care in the cold months, so don’t forget the hand cream to prevent cracked and dry hands.
Hats – There’s no more stylish and classy way to protect your head from the cold.
Halloween Decoration – Fall time means that Halloween is near, a must for all lovers of horror and evilish things.

What are your fall essentials?

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