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Life Update #1


I thought I would do a weekly review post to give you a little insight into what we did, our life and so on.

I am finally feeling better again and am highly motivated. I worked on the blog again – finally – and even did a few makeup looks.

I also finally got around to dye my hair. It is blue now and I am therefore living life as a mermaid from now on.

I am still journaling and drawing a lot, it relaxes me.

I did a little bit of beauty shopping.

We had a few rain showers in the past few days and used the opportunity for some puddle jumping. Kid’s feet and puddles simply belong together.

I also got around to do some swatches and take pictures, so there will be more some reviews and all on the blog soon.

And, of course, every schoolday, homeschool.


There were Cookies, Fried Rice and many late breakfasts with the kids. We also had burgers, granola, and salad.


Alien Covenant: I grew up with the Alien franchise and watched all the movies several times. Of course, I was curious, how’d they do. The effects were great and there were amazing scary moments, but all together, it was a little too long and too focused on a little too complicated story. Still good, though.
Fist Fight: Dark humor, super funny though and had a message about the American school system.
The Monster Project: We are huge horror fans and have watched almost every horror movie on the planet and we are running out. So we watch a lot of B Movies, too, and there are some real gems. This one was one of them, pretty good story, good effects, entertaining.
Rick & Morty: Adult Animation is my guilty pleasure and especially this show. Dark, dark humor, a lot of weird stuff, it is too funny.
Maxime Chattam – Das Pentagramm: I have a few German books here and read them over and over, this one is one of them.


As I mentioned above, I finally got to blogging again, so there were a few new posts.
I published a recipe for the most amazing White Chocolate Chip Macadamia Almond and Cranberry Cookies, 10 reasons to look forward to the cold season, and a fall makeup look.

How was your week?
What are your plans for the upcoming week?

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