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{LIFE} 10 Reasons to look forward to the cold season

I always firmly believed I like summer, I am a summer person, I love summer – actually, I was wrong. I don’t…

It is not that I don’t like summer, I just don’t like it as much as I always thought – it gets hot, you are constantly sweating, half of your wardrobe stays in there, because it is too hot, makeup isn’t half the fun when you have to watch out whether your face melted off or not… There are so many restrictions the summer heat brings with it, that I actually don’t enjoy that much.
Don’t get me wrong, I love warm weather, BUT not the heat.

So the last days of summer, when we go towards fall, when it starts cooling down, are just perfect – but the cold season has a lot of upsides coming with it, too.



Let me tell you my top ten reasons why I am looking forward to the colder season so much…

1 – fashion is more fun

Fashion is more fun – why?
That’s easy, in summer, most items are too warm, too heavy, too whatever, when it gets really hot, ANY kind of clothing is too much already. You can’t enjoy fashion like that when 90% of your wardrobe is not even an option.
So I am looking forward to the newly opened up fashion choices in fall and winter, boots, booties, jeans, blouses, pullovers, cardigans, jackets, blazers, shawls and so on.
Interested in a top 5 / 10 fashion items for the cold season post on the blog?

2 – Makeup doesn’t melt off your face anymore

The same that applies to fashion also comes in effect regarding makeup – makeup isn’t that fun when it melts off your face 5 minutes after you got done, not a problem anymore in winter.
Finally, I can be sure that my makeup will be perfect all day long, it doesn’t get that hot anymore AND you can bring out the dark colors again, deep reds, dark plums, bright gold and sparkly glitter shades….

I will be doing a post about my favorite products and top shades for this cold season, too.

3 – cinnamon, pumpkin spice, chocolate, smores etc. flavored EVERYTHING

The winter flavors are coming again, everything, be it Oreos, hot chocolate, coffee, cakes, yogurt, cream cheese and so on will be winter flavored again. I have to admit, I love those warm, rich, deep winter flavors a lot, caramel, pumpkin spice, egg nog, caramel apple, and so on, I already can’t wait.

And Halloween candy, there is nothing better than Halloween candy…

4 – cozy afternoons and evenings

Nothing is nicer than coming home from a cold, rainy day into a warm, cozy, cuddly house, maybe even the fireplace is burning, hot cocoa on the stove, grab a book, warm socks and cuddle up…
Cuddling up with the kids and animals, that is one of the greatest things in winter, get the couch ready and cozy, bring out the pillows and throws, we are getting comfy and cozy… Some hot chocolate, some cookies, good food, maybe even a movie, a good book, wonderful.
You can sit around, read, write, be creative, you stay inside more which is actually nice, too. I can’t wait for crafting afternoons, getting an advent calendar ready for BOTH kids, snuggling up on the couch with both of them, doing puzzles, painting, drawing, reading, cooking, baking, I can not wait…

5 – nature at its brightest and most colorful

Fall nature is nature at its best, all the colors, the leaves, the sun, nature, the trees, all the colors, God, have I mentioned the colors yet?
Nature is so absolutely stunningly beautiful in fall, nothing compares to that. This year, now that the little pea can walk, too, I will take the kids on lots of walks, take lots of pictures, I cannot wait already. The leaves should start changing color already, Indian Summer is the most beautiful thing you will ever see, believe me…

6 – all the horror is back

Wanna know the worst thing about summer? It is not the heat, it is the summer break of shows like The Walking Dead – just a few more weeks and season 6 is coming – I cannot wait. Luckily, summer is so far over that they started spinoff show “Fear the Walking Dead” again, which isn’t a replacement, but better than nothing… All the horror shows will be back, The Walking Dead, Z Nation, The Strain, all the horror movies start hitting the theaters, I can’t wait. Fall and winter are horror seasons and I am a huge horror fan, so stuff like new horror movies and my favorite TV show back on the air, how could I hate the cold season?

7 – cooking and baking

Ever tried to stand in the kitchen at a hot stove and oven when it is 85 degrees outside and therefore the kitchen is almost the coolest place to be?
It is not fun at all, in summer my appetite decreases and my motivation to stand in the kitchen and cook elaborate meals as well.
Indeed, I love cooking and can’t wait to get creative in the kitchen as well, you can look forward to some more recipe posts in the future.


8 – time to enjoy and decorate the house

In summer, the house is merely a necessary stop during the day, a shelter from the heat, source of food and a place to sleep – not even that, ever camped out in the backyard, it is so fun.
However, come fall and winter, the weather gets a little more unpredictable and uncomfortable, the temperatures drop, you will spend time inside again.
I decorate again, in the cold season the house is a warm shelter, the place I spend most of the time in, whenever I am not out with the kids and dogs, I will be inside my home. Time to make it cozy and comfy, decorate, bring out the pretty dishes, and so on. I love our house, I really do, we are very lucky, we have lots of space, it is big, it is pretty, love making it a home, decorate and so on…
Whereas I don’t pay too much attention to interior decoration in summer, this changes completely when I spend most of the time insides again, then I also focus on the inside.

9 – holidays

The holiday season is nearing, there are so many holidays coming in the cold season and I love all of them, I am a huge fan of festivities like that. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day… Wonderful, I can’t wait.
Especially the family festivities like Thanksgiving and Christmas are holidays, I particularly look forward to, I love everything around and about these holidays – don’t you, too?

10 – blogging high season

The bloggers will know it – come summer, page views and comment count goes down, people have better things to do than sit in front of the laptop and read blogs, or blog themselves.
Fall and winter, the colder and more uncomfortable seasons, where you tend to be inside and in front of your devices more again are high seasons for bloggers – more posts, more interaction, more readers, blogging is just more fun when people also read what you wrote – usually this is a lot less in summer, so I am particularly looking forward to the great new blogging season…

Those were my top 10 reasons why I am not too sad summer ends – fall and winter have a lot of great things coming towards us, too…

What are YOU looking forward to in fall and winter?

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