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{RECIPE} Olive, Goat Cheese & Bacon Pasta

In the times of convenience food, carry out, glutamate, flavor enhancers, additives and so on, it almost seems as if we had lost our sense of taste. We overpower it with artificial flavors every day and have almost forgotten how to taste simple and natural things. Hence I like cooking with simple staple ingredients, the fewer, the better, like that you can taste the texture and complexity of each ingredient.
Also, in this summer heat, I don’t really want to spend too much time in a hot and steamy kitchen, I do love cooking, but sometimes it has to be simple, quick and easy.

Pasta is one of these things – the simpler the better – this recipe only calls for 7 ingredients, 5 of which are staples in each kitchen AND it only takes about 12 minutes to cook…

Table of Contents


• Spaghetti
• Bacon
• Black Olives
• Garlic
• Salt
• Pepperoncino (Italian Chili Pepper, can be substituted with normal chili flakes)
• Goat Cheese (can be substituted with French cream cheese, like Boursin or simple cream cheese)

Ok, Pepperoncino and goat cheese are probably not staples in every kitchen BUT can be replaced easily, too. Adding a jar of Peperoncini flakes to you pantry is not expensive though and a wonderful alternative to the usual chili flakes. Goat cheese could be replaced by Boursin (you can find it in the specialty cheese display) or even with simple cream cheese, but I think goat cheese just adds a nice, complex flavor to the dish.HOW 


• Boil the spaghetti according to package instructions, chop up olives, garlic, and bacon.



• Brown bacon in large skillet, add chopped garlic and stir frequently, making sure that you don’t burn anything. Burnt garlic tastes really bitter and we don’t want that.



• Add the olives, drain pasta and add it to the skillet, then add the goat cheese, stirring it all up.



• Season with salt and pepperoncini flakes to taste and enjoy.


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