Bullet Journal September Spreads – Baby, it’s fall outside…

I really have to pull myself together to not dance in the colorful leaves and start a leaf fight with anybody daring to come close to me, yelling “It’s fall, it’s finally fall!!! Halloween is just around the corner, it’s fall, rejoice!”, like an overly enthusiastic pastor during Sunday services. 

It’s not only fall, my favorite season of the year, it’s also time for a new monthly bullet journal spread – September calls for a new monthly overview, cover page and such.

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Life Update #6 – Summer Break in Kentucky – family reunion, wedding anniversary, back to school and more

10 weeks of summer break are over and done with and I am a little relieved. Not that I don’t like both kids at home, but this time, basically ALL the neighboring kids were at our place all the time. It was full, loud and exciting and I am honest, I enjoy the sudden peace and quiet that overcame the house as soon as school started again.
It is only Khaleesy here from 7 to 3 in the afternoon and she tends to be quiet and draw a lot and plays with her dolls when brother is at school. As soon as he comes back, they both turn up, so I am trying to use the tranquil mornings and noon time to work on the blog a little. I haven’t had much chance during summer break and am trying to get back on track with posting regularly. 

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Outfit #7 – Summer, Summer, Summertime

Summer is nearing its end, it has been an almost vicious, hellishly hot summer this year and I have to admit that I am more than ready to slip into fall. When it is so very hot, I don’t enjoy makeup nor fashion, I just wanna lay in a corner and melt. I bet, I am not the only one who was feeling this way when the temperatures climbed to numbers that would put hell and the Sahara desert to shame. 

Thankfully, it is getting a bit cooler, like summer was just waiting for the new school year to start and that means, I can dress up and make up a little again, without the dangers of it being all washed away by sweat (and tears over the heat). 

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Bullet Journal July 2018 – nautical spreads, shells, lighthouses and more

Another month is over, it’s July already and that means, it’s also time for another bullet journal spread – and post. 

This month I opted for a summery nautical theme, lighthouses, the ocean, shells, rope… A nautical theme offers so many possibilities and I am an ocean lover at heart. Too bad, the last time I’ve been at the ocean is ages ago, but I could incorporate my love for the sea in this month’s spread perfectly. 

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Disney Villains SOHO Brush Sets – Ursula, Evil Queen & Maleficent – REVIEW

Disney and makeup is my weakness. Hubby knows that, too.

Every time we pass a Walgreens, I insist on checking inside really quick, there might be a new Disney Limited Edition. 

And whenever hubby passes a Walgreens, he stops, walks in and checks for me, too. 

And if they DO have something, he usually gets it for me – like those wonderful Disney Villains Limited Edition Brush sets by SOHO.

Unfortunately, sometimes we miss a launch and they sell out at the store. In cases like this, thank God for amazon! 

And here they are! 

They are sooo pretty, aren’t they? 

Let’s have a closer look… 

So these Disney limited editions usually come out every 3 – 4 months, they can be found at your local Walgreens – mostly they are a collaboration between elf and Disney or Disney and Walgreens, Ardelle Lashes and Orly nail polish and sometimes some other things. Mostly these LEs consist of a beauty book, eyeshadow palette, a blush or bronzer, lip products, fake lashes, nail varnishes, hair stuff, accessories and beauty bags and so on. Usually, I am only interested in the beauty books and the eyeshadow palettes and sometimes a blush or bronzer. All the other stuff is usually not really interesting, not collectible or I wouldn’t use it, so I don’t get them – I don’t want stuff in my collection that I don’t really like or use, so I stick to the beauty books, which are super pretty and useful and highly collectible and little special things here and there.