Halloween Impressions 2018 – Halloween in Kentucky

Trick or Treat, 

Give me something good to eat. 

Give me candy, give me cake, 

Give me something sweet to take. 


Our family just absolutely loves Halloween, we are huge horror fans, so it kinda figures that we thoroughly enjoy this part of the year. The kids love the costumes, they love anything creepy and well, then there’s candy, so it’s a no-brainer regarding them as well.

The love for Halloween runs deeply and for the past few weeks it’s been tested to the limits as well.

“Is it Halloween yet?”

“When is Halloween?”

“Can we go Trick or Treat right now…?”

These and similar questions haunted me for months and weeks leading up to the 31st of October.

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Life Update #5 – panic attacks, moving & zendalas

I probably don’t have to tell you guys that I have been rather absent when it comes to blogging the past few months, you’ve seen that yourselves. It’s been a rather stressful time and I have been doing anything but well. I had lots of panic attacks in the past months and weeks, as well as a bad depressive phase. I did a lot of mindfulness practices as well as drawing, reading and such, but I just didn’t have the energy or motivation for makeup, blogging and such. 

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Wenn sonst nix geht und die Gedanken immerzu rasen, dann hilft mir oft nur noch malen. Meditation habe ich bereits zu oft recht fruchtlos versucht, ich kann meine Gedanken nicht abstellen, aber ich kann sie fokussieren, wenn ich Dinge wie Mandalas oder Zendalas male. Und genau das habe ich die letzten Tage getan. Es gibt ehrlicherweise kaum etwas Entspannenderes für mich, mein Hirn ist so in die Arbeit absorbiert, dass für Sorgen kaum Platz bleibt. Also genau das, was ich brauche. Das Bild mit dem Spruch ist mir leider misslungen, #Lettering muss ich wohl noch üben. Das Bild mit dem K kommt ins Kinderzimmer, dem Grossen hat es so gut gefallen. Das wird gerahmt und aufgehängt. Was ist DEINE perfekte Ablenkungsbeschäftigung, wenn sonst so gar nichts geht? . . . . . . . . #Mandala #zeichnen #Zendala #malen #Muster #gemalt #drawing #blackandwhite #detail #art #artist #therapy #imnotpicasso #mandalaart #zentangle #penart #anxiety #panikattacken

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It’s not like I am leading such a full life that I just got buried under the huge amount of tasks of my everyday life – it was more of a private stress matter thing, plus, we were on the search for a new apartment for months and THAT was the most stressful and scary experience I’ve had in a long, long time. The Colorado housing market is HELL, I tell you, pure hell. Housing prices are through the roof, the most successful thing that can happen to someone looking for an apartment is getting added onto a 3 year waiting list – “We will give you a call if something becomes available…” 

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