Bullet Journal March 2019 – floral greenery

After being pretty sick for quite a while, almost made it to the hospital, too, I am finally starting to feel better and also more motivated to work on my blog again. 
Today, I want to show you my bullet journal spread for March, which is super green and colorful in honor of spring that is just around the corner. 
I’ve always liked to color and draw when I was little and a teenager, but when I moved out from home, that hobby slowly descended out of sight and action when real life and its responsibilities took over. But I am trying to pick it back up, since I always loved it and since it has some kind of almost therapeutic, calming effect on me, plus, I simply love to be creative. I’ve always wanted to try watercolors and when hubby brought me a starter set the other day, there was no holding me back. I did my first baby steps with watercolors and fell in love immediately. This is a medium I will stick with for sure, it is so much fun and even though I am just a beginner and only learning, I felt right at home. 

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Bullet Journal Spread February – Valentine’s Day and pink hearts

I didn’t take a break from bullet journaling, but I didn’t do any artsy spreads and such recently. In the past few weeks I felt a surge of energy and inspiration go through me and I doodled, colored and sketched a lot and felt like journaling properly again, so I sat down and worked on a proper spread for February.

Since Valentine’s Day is coming up, I went with the first theme idea that popped in my mind, which was pink and hearts. So pink hearts was the theme for this February – even though we don’t even celebrate Valentine’s Day, but it was a little too late to do a black history themed spread (which I am keeping in mind for next year).

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1000 Questions to Ask Yourself #4 (31-40) – about books, church and my favorite stores

I started the 1000 questions to ask yourself project beginning of 2018 and got 30 questions in. The most successful thing I did in the past year was procrastination. Like next level procrastination…
But I’m tired of it, it’s about to change and how to better change this, than to get something done and do another 1000 questions post and continue the blog series? 
Grab a cup of coffee or tea and let’s get ready to answer some questions! 

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Bullet Journal Haul – new journal, washi, stickers & more

I’ve been into bullet journaling for quite a while now, but so far, I’ve kept it rather simple and easy. Recently I started enjoying incorporating some art into my journal, like I showed you in July, September, October and November on the blog.

It happens so that my old journal is getting full just perfectly in time for the new year. That also means, I need a new journal.

This time I wanted a slightly bigger one than the last one, though. My old one is pocket book sized and I would prefer something slightly bigger, but not too big. You know how it is…

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1000 questions to ask yourself – part 3 (questions 21 – 30)

Hiho guys, it is time for another 1000 questions to ask yourself -post. If I continue doing them as rarely as I do right now and if I keep being so slow and all, we won’t be done until 2222….

So  grab a cup of tea or coffee and cozy up, time to answer some questions again!

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