Interview – Life with Mental Illnesses #1

If you have a broken leg, it would never occur to you to hide your cast nor to be ashamed. It wouldn’t occur to anyone to make remarks like “Get yourself together and throw away those crutches, it’s all in your head…” or anything like that. 

This is not so much the case when it comes to mental illnesses. Not visible and not leaving any visual clues of any inhibition, they are often overlooked, misunderstood and not taken seriously. Mental illness is still a big taboo in our society, an issue we don’t like to talk about, uncomfortable and something we would like to push far away from us. The stigma and misunderstandings and misconceptions around mental illnesses are still huge and a big barrier for all sufferers. 

In this blog segment, I will post interviews with patients and loved ones of sufferers from mental illness. I want to show that you are not alone and give a brief insight into the mind and world of people with mental illnesses and hopefully aid to the breaking of a taboo that is harming way too many people. 

We need to speak up and inform about mental illnesses and this series is an attempt to do so. 

Today, Julia tells us about her life and battle with depression and borderline personality disorder. 


tRIGGER WARNING! Potentially triggering content ahead.! 

mental illness, suicide 

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Life Update #3

I’ve had a rather horrible week and am so happy it is finally over! 

Am I even allowed to say that as a blogger, where everything is supposed to be pretty and frilly and full of joy? I think I do, I need to. There is no reason to keep up appearances if they are not truthful anyway, lying and keeping up a facade is so much harder and energy-consuming than being honest… 

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Pumpkin Recipe Inspiration

Come fall, come pumpkins. 

I love pumpkin, I could eat it all the time, pumpkin pasta, pumpkin gnocchi, pumpkin curry, pumpkin cookies and so much more. Today, some recipe inspiration for you, all around pumpkins. 

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{RECIPE} Fried Rice

We LOVE Chinese takeout here and get some every few weeks. One thing that I HAVE to order each time is an extra order of fried rice, I am basically addicted to fried rice. And while all Chinese food items, menus, and even the taste differ from country to country, fried rice always tastes almost exactly the same. Fried rice is reliable, steady, my comfort food.

Ordering takeout all the time gets expensive, I needed to learn how to make fried rice myself. I experimented and over the months I created a super quick and easy fried rice recipe that will satisfy all my cravings.

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